As Realtors in The Woodlands, a frequently asked question is, "What City do I Live in"?  Anyone who is living or has lived in The Woodlands and has ever placed an order to be shipped or delivered has heard the same thing.  When I put in your zip code, I don't get "The Woodlands", it instead shows Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, or Conroe.  Many simply answer that they are the same thing or the database is wrong.  In actuality, they are correct, as of right now none of us technically live in the “City of The Woodlands”. 
The Woodlands was founded and developed as a Master Planned community in Montgomery County.  The Woodlands is also situated within the extra-territorial jurisdiction of both The City of Houston as well as part of The City of Conroe.  What this has meant in the past was that there was a possibility of either The City of Houston or The City of Conroe voting to annex parts of The Woodlands.  In 1999, an agreement was reached with The City of Houston that would allow The Woodlands to have until 2011 to incorporate. 
It was late last year that The Woodlands Township was able to reach an agreement with both The City of Houston as well as The City of Conroe that promised The Woodlands contribution on projects that are mutually beneficial in exchange for both of those cities waiving their right to annex any part of The Woodlands.  Before The Woodlands can officially become a city, its residents must vote to approve that. 
With all the legal agreements in place currently, the earliest date that a vote can be taken by the residents to decide on becoming a city will be in 2014.  Until that time, the question of “What City Do I Live In?” will continue.  So while we all are currently technically living in either: The Cities of Spring, Tomball, Conroe, or Magnolia, you can still continue to use “The Woodlands” on your address and the post office will find you!